Helping women and teens to be the best version of themselves. 

I help mums create hormonal harmony, for themselves and their families, with food, lifestyle and mindset support. 


I am a Clinical Nutritionist with a passion for helping people, especially mums and teenagers, improve their health, through targeted food and lifestyle advice. My aim is to identify the underlying cause of your health concerns, then work with you to support your body’s ability to heal itself and help prevent future disease. Whether you are concerned about a specific health problem or would like to improve overall health and wellbeing, a consultation with me will help you identify how best to help yourself.  My treatment plans are developed with, not just for, you. We agree on small, manageable and sustainable changes, to help you take control of your health journey.

With three teenagers of my own, I have a strong interest in teenage health. Teenagers go through incredible mental and physical changes before, during and after puberty, as they cope with changing bodies, fluctuating hormones and peer pressure. I help teenagers navigate the complex world of nutrition, often exacerbated by misinformation spread on social media, so they understand the impact food choices have on their health and well-being.  In addition to consultations, I also offer teenage group workshops, so  teenagers can learn about nutrition in an interactive and fun environment, empowering them with knowledge to make better choices for their health.  

I am equally passionate about women’s health. Period health, perimenopause, menopause, juggling family commitments with career goals and the toll this can take on health – having been through all this myself I’m well aware of the challenges involved and the role nutrition and lifestyle can have to help us feel better. 

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