Consultations are available online via Zoom, or at my home clinic located in Cherrybrook.  

Healthy Body Healthy Mind Strategy Call

A free 20-minute phone call to explore your health and mindset goals and uncover the essential strategies that will move you forward.

Initial Consultations

During your initial consultation, I will explore your primary health concern and ask lots of questions about your health, your health history, your lifestyle, eating habits and health goals, so that I can design a treatment plan unique to you. I may suggest pathology tests for further information, and I may recommend nutritional supplements if they are indicated (testing and supplement costs are additional to consultation fees). 

We’ll book another appointment within a week (included in your initial consult fee), to discuss my report of findings and your treatment plan, so that you have a complete understanding of how we’ll work together to restore your health.   

Follow Up Consultations

Follow up consultations will be about checking on progress, reviewing pathology/test results, tweaking your plan when needed and making sure your journey to health continues in the right direction. There may be side-trips along the way and that’s ok; my role is to guide and support you. Ultimately your body wants you to be healthy, sometimes it just needs a bit of motivation to move in the right direction.

Short Consultations

 Short consultations are available for existing clients, within 3 months of an initial or follow up consultation, for acute conditions requiring symptomatic treatment or to request repeat prescriptions.

Pathology Analysis

Pathology analysis appointments offer detailed analysis of your pathology results. Your blood test results may be “normal”, yet you may still not feel at your best. By focusing on optimal rather than normal, I can help identify nutritional deficiencies that may be contributing to your symptoms. These appointments do not include a detailed dietary analysis or treatment plan. 


Katrina Harrington