Mindset Reset

Cut the Crap

Explore the dynamics between your thoughts, feelings and language, and how they impact your behaviour.


  • Feeling in control of your emotions, instead of being controlled by them.
  • No longer being held back by “I can’t…” or I’ll never …” – untrue stories from your past.
  • Understanding your motivations, and using them to move towards your goals.
  • Replacing anxiety and overwhelm, with excitement, confidence and positive action.

Cut the Crap is based on neurolinguistic programming (NLP) techniques. NLP works with your thoughts, your language and your patterns of behaviour,  bringing them together to help you work towards your goals.

As an NLP Master Practitioner, Timeline Therapy ® Master Practitioner and NLP Master Coach, I am uniquely equipped to help you build connections between your conscious and unconscious thoughts, so that you can create meaningful and lasting change.


 Embrace the power of your innermost thoughts.

A two-part coaching program, Cut the Crap helps you harnesses the power of your thoughts and feelings to influence your behaviour, build healthy emotional expression and understand the power of your mind to shape your future.

During part one (over 4 – 6 weeks, or 2 x 3hr sessions), we clarify your goals and what’s been getting in your way, use Timeline Therapy ® to clear negative emotions and limiting beliefs, reducing emotional outbursts and putting you back in control of your thoughts, feelings and behaviours, so you can focus on what you need to work towards your goals.

Part two, if needed, (over 10 – 12 weeks or 2 x 3-4 hour sessions), involves a powerful personal breakthrough.

What does this mean? We’ll focus on your biggest challenge (e.g., health and fitness, personal growth and development, family, relationships, your career or your spirituality), dive deep into your personal history and underlying values as they relate to your challenge, clear out any remaining negative emotions and beliefs, and address conflicting parts within you that may be causing you to feel stuck or repeat unhelpful patterns of behaviour.


You will gain:

  • More clarity around your goals and next best steps.
  • A forward-focused mindset.
  • Strategies to overcome your obstacles.
  • Improved confidence.
  • Improved expression of your emotions.
  • A whole new outlook on life.
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