Mindset For Teen Success

Offering strategies, skills and confidence to successfully navigate the challenges of teenage years and beyond. 

Are you a parent who: 

  • Wants the best for your teen?
  • Can see your teen’s potential?
  • Support your teen’s healthy choices in both mind and body?
  • Encourages your teen to strive?

 As a Teenage Coach, my Mindset for Teen Success program will guide and support your teen in a non-judgemental manner, empowering them to create healthy relationships, make informed decisions and strive for success (whilst navigating the often turbulent years of impulsive or risky behaviour). 

Mindset for Teen Success

 Mindset for Teen Success is based on neurolinguistic programming (NLP) techniques. NLP works with thoughts, language and patterns of behaviour,  bringing them together to help people work towards their goals.

As an NLP Master Practitioner, Timeline Therapy ® Master Practitioner and NLP Master Coach, I am uniquely equipped to help your teen build connections between their conscious and unconscious thoughts, so they can create meaningful and lasting change.  

A two-part coaching program, Mindset for Teen Success helps teens harnesses the power of their thoughts and feelings to influence their behaviour, learn healthy emotional expression and understand the power of their mind to shape their future. 

During part one (over 4 – 6 weeks), we identifying your teen’s goals, use Timeline Therapy ® to reduce emotional outbursts and encourage healthy emotional expression, and develop strategies together to support improved confidence and resilience. 

If further support is needed, part two (over three months) explores limiting beliefs, unhelpful patterns of thoughts and behaviour, and builds further strategies to navigate challenges and continue to work towards your teen’s goals. 

Throughout the coaching period, weekly calls with parents / caregivers ensure everyone is aware of the focus for the week and offer guidance to improve connection and communication with your teen.  

Your teenager will gain:

  • A positive, forward-focused mindset.
  • Improved confidence to face challenges.
  • Improved resilience to move through setbacks.
  • Strategies for life, supporting both physical and mental health.

You will gain:

  • An increased understanding of your teen’s mindset and goals.
  • Confidence to support your teen as they navigate challenges and work towards their goals.
  • Strategies to improve communication with your teen.
  • Keys to creating a more harmonious household. 


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