Why I love Metabolic Balance ®

Tuesday, February 13, 2024


It’s nearly a year since I become an accredited Metabolic Balance ® Practitioner and introduced MB into my life and my business. What I love is that it’s a plan for life – with the flexibility to navigate holidays, special occasions and life in general, without feeling as though I am missing out.

Here’s an example. After a month of what we could call “excess” over Christmas and January (including buffet meals 3x daily for a week), my husband and I came home from our holiday with a couple of extra kilos (and I don’t mean in our luggage). Last year, I lost 7kg following MB; my husband lost 15kg. Post-holiday, it was important to us that the added holiday kilos didn’t set the tone for 2024.

We arrived home jet-lagged and bleary-eyed after an overnight flight, pulled out our MB plans and were back into them from the next day. Within two weeks, we were both back to our pre-Christmas weight. Relatively effortless. Just a re-focus on what we knew was right for us, from the foods to the proportions to three healthy meals/day (no buffet in sight).

What exactly is MB?

It’s a personal food plan, based on your health history and blood chemistry (a range of blood markers are considered, from electrolytes to cholesterol to liver markers, digestive enzymes and more). Foods on your plan are uniquely chosen to match your nutritional needs, allowing your body to reduce inflammation and release excess weight, all the while ensuring you feel pleasantly satisfied after each meal.

Assuming there are no major changes to your health or your body, it’s your plan for life (e.g., hormonal changes such as during pregnancy or menopause may require a new plan). Once you are where you need to be with weight and health, you experiment with other foods, sticking pretty closely to the basic principles of MB such as no snacking between meals, and monitor your body’s response.

With so many weight-loss plans on the market, what is it about MB that makes it so successful?

Imagine an overgrown garden – neglected, poor soil quality, perhaps impacted by run-off with chemicals or pesticides, dried out and in need of water and nutrients.

Now, imagine taking the time to clear out the weeds and debris, adding fresh, clean soil, planting new plants suited to that environment, giving them plant food and water, nurturing them over time. What happens? The garden flourishes.

If you took the same garden to a different environment, with different temperatures and conditions, would it flourish? Doubtful. You need to adapt the garden to its environment.

This is what makes MB unique and so successful. The plan is yours and yours alone. We all have different nutritional needs, so it makes sense that we all need a different range of foods to best support us.

The best thing about MB? It’s fundamentally about eating healthy, wholesome, natural foods, combining good proteins with complex carbohydrates and healthy fats. Just the way nature intended.

If you’d like to explore how you can bring your body back to health, how you can create the right environment so that good health becomes the norm, maybe it’s time to consider whether MB is right for you. Your body and your long-term health will thank you. Find out more here.

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