My Weight Loss Experience with Metabolic Balance

Wednesday, July 19, 2023


Earlier this year I became a certified Metabolic Balance ™ (MB) Practitioner. This means I can now use this incredible tool to help my clients manage their weight. Metabolic Balance offers a completely individualised food plan, based on 36 different blood markers along with health history and food preferences (NB this is not the “blood type diet” that circulated in the late 90’s). MB considers a range of your blood markers, from iron and blood sugar levels to cholesterol and digestive markers and more, to identify which foods will meet your unique nutritional needs. So, it’s completely individualised, based on 20+ years of consistent and ongoing scientific research. You can be sure that the food plan you receive will be perfect for your needs.

As a new MB practitioner, it was important that I understood exactly what was involved in following an MB plan. I had heard lots of great success stories from other Practitioners and was excited to offer MB to my clients. I had completed all the training, including the underlying theory. Now, I needed to know exactly what was involved in putting this into action. I had gained a few kilos over the past few years – like most of us I blamed covid then menopause (I had given away lots of clothes figuring there was no point keeping them, I wouldn’t get back into them again).

My husband was keen to lose some weight too. So, with blood tests done and plans ready to go, we embarked on the journey together.

There were some early challenges as we adjusted to our new approach to food – namely, 3 healthy meals every day, with protein, carbs and fats perfectly balanced for our individual needs. All good, wholesome, fresh foods – no takeaway, no highly processed foods, no snacks between meals.

And, as we adjusted, as our taste buds remembered what it was like to have fresh, real foods flavoured with herbs and spices rather than artificial flavours, we found:

  • Our bodies released weight easily (my husband reached his target weight within 6 weeks; I reached mine in 4 weeks – surprisingly, more than I realised I needed to release)
  • We had more energy
  • We felt more alert
  • We were sleeping better
  • My hot flushes (thanks menopause) were virtually non-existent
  • No more seemingly random digestive complaints (reflux, bloating etc)
  • Our running seemed easier (we both enjoying running for fitness)
  • We needed a bunch of new clothes (hooray!)

3 months down the track and we are still loving our new way of eating. We’ve maintained our weight, we feel healthy and happy and we know we can continue this style of living easily and effortlessly.

To find out more about how MB can have a positive impact on your health, your weight, indeed, your life, reach out and we can have a chat. Book a free Health Clarity Call here.

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